Australia Cricket Team Seeks Tri-Series with India and Pakistan

Australia Cricket Team Seeks Tri-Series with India and Pakistan

In an improvement development for cricket fans around the world, the Australia Cricket Team proposed a tri-series with India Cricket and Pakistan Cricket. Cricket Australia’s Chief Executive Nick Hockley has expressed his wish to organize a prominent tri-series between three cricket giants Pakistan, Australia, and India.


This step is being taken as anticipation for the much-anticipated match between two long-standing rivals, which has always been a significant draw in the cricket world, grows.

Australia Cricket Team chief executive Nick Hockley in an online press conference, mentioned the enormous excitement that accompanies meetings between Pakistan and India.

“Pakistan and India are traditional rival teams; there is a lot of excitement for their matches,” he remarked.

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He went on to say that Cricket Australia is eager to help and support the planning of bilateral and tri-series with these countries.

“We are ready to support both teams for a bilateral and a tri-series,” Hockley added, emphasizing Cricket Australia’s readiness to facilitate these high-stakes matches.

“We would be happy to play a role in the revival of the Pakistan-India bilateral series,” said Hockley, reflecting Cricket Australia’s eagerness to bring these two cricketing giants together on the same pitch.

Hockley did, however, note that any such plans would necessitate cooperation between the governments of India and Pakistan as well as the respective cricket bodies.

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“The two boards need to decide first, and we will assist in hosting,” he said, adding that formal discussions have yet to take place due to the busy schedules of the cricket boards involved.

Hockley answered questions on support for Afghan women’s cricket during the press conference. He mentioned that because of the Australian cricketing community’s support, several Afghan women cricketers who have made Australia their home are actively involved in their local cricket teams. Hockley emphasized Cricket Australia’s dedication to promoting women’s cricket and conveyed optimism for constructive reforms that would enable Afghan women to engage in the game to a greater extent.

We absolutely want to see cricket grow and thrive all around the world for women and men,” Hockley stated.

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The ongoing dialogue with the Afghanistan Cricket Board aims to encourage the development of women’s cricket in Afghanistan, despite current political and social challenges.

Hockley also voiced optimism for future developments that might enable Australia and Afghanistan to resume bilateral cricket matches. Cricket Australia is dedicated to helping the development of cricket in Afghanistan and keeps in frequent contact with the Afghanistan Cricket Board despite the present restrictions.



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