Clarke and Finch React to David Warner Cricketer 2018 Comments

Clarke and Finch React to David Warner Cricketer 2018 Comments

David Warner Cricketer from Australia and former vice-captain was asked in an interview about the 2018 ball-tampering scandal by his fellow cricketers, Michael Clarke and Aaron Finch.  David Warner tells the impact of this scandal on the team and board.


In an interview with News Corp and in Antigua before Australia’s Super Eight round of the T20 World Cup, the left-handed hitter discussed the tampering scandal of 2018 as he nears the closing weeks of his career.

Warner’s ability to lead the Australian team has been limited since that incident. With this label, he will conclude his worldwide career. In 2022, the opening batter attempted to lift this ban but was unsuccessful.

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But under Pat Cummins’s guidance, Steven Smith was lucky enough to have his ban overturned and earn a spot as vice-captain. Cameron Bancroft, who was suspended for nine months, has also made a comeback to the field.

Australian cricketer’s reaction to David Warner Cricketer statement

Michael Clarke, a former Australian player, questioned Hum-bull’s comments regarding the ball-tampering issue. He acknowledged his claim that the timing was incorrect while applauding him for his outstanding performance in other matches.

“I understand where Davey is coming from, I think parts of what he said are fair enough; I don’t think he’s got the timing right,” Clarke told ESPN’s Around The Wicket.

“I don’t think it’s fair to say he’s the only one who copped it. I think Cameron Bancroft’s certainly copped it, and there’s still about is the reason he’s not in the Australian Test team because of what happened years ago. Steve Smith obviously copped it and lost the Australian captaincy.

“Davey has certainly copped it, there’s no doubt about it. I just think the timing is probably not right. Think it probably would have been suited for the end of a World Cup rather in the middle of a World Cup because there’s probably other players in the team who would prefer this not to be spoken about right now. But there are parts of what he said that are correct.”

“I think he will definitely be remembered for how great a cricketer he has been, and he’s been an amazing entertainer,” Clarke said. “Unfortunately for him, yes, it [ball tampering] probably will be spoken about…in 10, 20 years. But I think how good a cricketer he is will be spoken about as well,” Clarke said.

Finch, on the other hand, was also surprised by Warner’s comments and agreed with Clarke’s statement.

“Like Pup [Clarke] said, purely for the timing…I thought that was a little bit odd,” he said.

Usman Khwaja also brought up the adjustments in Warner’s game after his Test retirement in January.

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He was getting told to play a certain way by the coaching staff and people around at certain points. You’ve seen a very different David Warner since he came back in 2019. He’s done it his own way,” Khwaja said.



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