IND vs ENG World Cup Semi-Final, Heavy Rain Predicted in Guyana

IND vs ENG World Cup Semi-Final, Heavy Rain Predicted in Guyana

Heavy rain is predicted in the T20 World Cup 2024 Semi-finals between IND vs ENG at the Providence Stadium in Guyana on June 27. The second semi-final game can be spoiled due to rain.


England, South Africa, India, and Afghanistan are the top four teams playing in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2024 semi-finals. The Afghan team that is playing under the leadership of Rashid Khan will play their first-ever World Cup semifinal after they beat Bangladesh in the Super 8 stages and clinched the spot.

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The replay of the 2022 T20 World Cup semi-final between IND vs ENG, where Jos Buttler’s team humiliated the Blues by taking 10 wickets off them while chasing down the 169-run mark in just 16 overs, will have all eyes on the game.

Although heavy rain is anticipated for June 27 in Guyana, Rohit Sharma may be plotting his revenge.

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The official match time is set for 10:30 AM local time and ends at 1:40 PM. The contest does not have a reserve day, but if it is interrupted by rain, an extra 250 minutes have been added, extending the match’s duration to 5:50 PM.

Guyana weather forecast for June 27

10 AM (local time): 60% chance of rain

11 AM (local time): 68% chance of rain

12 PM (local time): 49% chance of rain

1 PM (local time): 35% chance of rain

2 PM (local time): 38% chance of rain

3 PM (local time): 42% chance of rain

4 PM (local time): 51% chance of rain

5 PM (local time): 47% chance of rain

6 PM (local time): 36% chance of rain

To determine the outcome of the match, both teams must play at least 10 overs. On the other hand, given their flawless group-stage record, India will advance to the final if the match is rained out.

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Recall that the Super 8 semifinal would have taken place in Trinidad if any team other than India had won Group 1. To allow the Indian public to watch the action at their convenience, the match is scheduled to begin at 10:30 AM local time.



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