Babar Azam private chats leaked by TV Channel

Babar Azam chats leaked by private TV Channel

Private messages of Pakistan Team Skipper Babar Azam were leaked by a TV channel while he is currently in India playing in the ICC World Cup 2023.


The leaked chat was revealed by a journalist Shoaib Jutt on a sports show.

According to the show host, Waseem Badami, they were unaware of the situation, and it wasn’t their intention to reveal the messages. It happened with the approval of PCB Chairman Zaka Ashraf, who requested the live broadcast of the messages.

After this revelation, fans and many cricket stars reacted. Pakistan Cricketer Azhar Ali, who was part of the show, expressed that what had been done was entirely wrong.

He pointed out that sharing someone’s private messages without their consent is unacceptable and that they should have obtained permission from Babar Azam before making it public.

In solidarity with other cricketers condemning the channel’s irresponsible behavior, Younis also expressed his dissatisfaction with X (formerly Twitter).

He questioned, “What are you guys trying to do? This is pathetic! You guys are happy now. Please leave Babar Azam alone. He’s an asset of Pakistan Cricket.”

Younis included the social media handles of PCB, the private television channel, and its owner in his post.

Conversely, Shahid Afridi, in a discussion on a private channel, labeled this act as ‘disgraceful.’

He expressed, “We are tarnishing our own country and players with our own hands. How can you expose someone’s private messages? Did the chairman instruct the journalist to do this? If the chairman was involved, it’s a highly disgraceful act.”

The journalist, however, defended his actions, stating that it’s his “job” to publish what he receives.

He clarified, “He didn’t send the personal message to me.”

Babar Azam chats leaked by private TV Channel



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