BBL 13 Introduces Innovative ‘Electra Stumps’ Technology

BBL 13 Introduces Innovative 'Electra Stumps' Technology

Cricket Australia is famous for leading the way with new ideas in cricket. They’ve introduced unique methods like bat flips for deciding batting order and spider cams for better match views, always staying ahead in innovations.


In this season’s Big Bash League (BBL) comes the latest innovation: Electra Stumps, another great addition to cricket’s inventions.

What exactly are Electra Stumps and what do they do? These stumps first showed up in the Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) and then in a BBL match between Sydney Sixers and Adelaide Strikers. Mark Waugh, former Australia batsman and commentator, hailed these stumps as a treat for both fans and players.

These special stumps light up in five different colors to signal different happenings during the game: dismissals, fours, sixes, no balls, and overs changing. Each color stands for a specific event during the match.

1. Dismissal – The stumps flash red and then a fiery color.

2. Boundary (four) – Colors keep changing in a pattern, flashing all colors.

3. Six – All colors move upwards together.

4. No-ball – Red and white lights scroll along the stumps.

5. Between overs – A pulsating scroll between purple and blue lights.

These colorful stumps not only make the experience at the ground more vibrant for fans but also help some spectators follow the game better. The different colors can assist fans in understanding what’s happening on the field.

Cricket broadcasting has come a long way. From the traditional whites and red ball, Kerry Packer brought a revolution with colored jerseys. The 1992 Cricket World Cup in Australia was the first major tournament with teams in colored jerseys. Its success in shorter formats made this a trendsetter.



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