Captain Babar Azam Set to Grow from Mistakes, Says Mickey Arthur

Captain Babar Azam Set to Grow from Mistakes, Says Mickey Arthur

Following Pakistan’s defeat to England in the final league game of the ICC World Cup 2023, team director Mickey Arthur addressed the media in a press conference, touching on various aspects, from the team’s performance and areas of improvement to individual player support.


Expressing disappointment in the team’s overall World Cup performance, Arthur acknowledged that the team didn’t showcase their best cricket.

Mickey Arthur remained optimistic about the learning opportunities, specifically for Captain Babar Azam.

Arthur stressed the importance of providing Captain Babar Azam with opportunities to learn from his mistakes, emphasizing that making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process.

In terms of improvement, Arthur highlighted the need for the team to consistently score three hundred and fifty runs, especially in batting. He underlined the significance of developing a more robust batting strategy.

Addressing player availability, Arthur lamented the absence of Naseem Shah and suggested that the bowling department would have benefited from his presence.

Looking ahead, Arthur outlined the team’s focus on planning for the upcoming Test series in Australia. He emphasized the importance of consistency for overall team improvement and insisted on a steady approach to team selection.

Arthur praised the versatility of bowler Haris Rauf, who set a record for conceding the most runs in a single World Cup edition. He noted that Rauf’s skills extend beyond just being a new-ball bowler.

Regarding the team environment, Arthur acknowledged external pressures but emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive atmosphere within the squad.

Underlining the necessity of consistency for success, Arthur stated,

“Consistency is necessary for success, success doesn’t come from inconsistency.”

He expressed disappointment in the spin attack’s performance, emphasizing the crucial role spinners play in Pakistan’s brand of cricket.

Arthur revealed that the coaches had instructed players to aim for more than three hundred runs in every match.

The members of Pakistan’s World Cup 2023 squad will return home in two groups, departing from Kolkata on November 12. Hasan Ali will stay back in India, returning to Pakistan on November 22. Team director Mickey Arthur will stay in Dubai from November 13 to 16 before departing for Lahore on November 16.



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