New Controversy Emerges from Zaka Ashraf Leaked Conversation

New Controversy Emerges from Zaka Ashraf Leaked Conversation

A circulating audio clip, lasting 2 minutes and 15 seconds, supposedly captures a conversation involving Zaka Ashraf, Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Management Committee, discussing crucial matters concerning the national team with an unidentified woman.


The leak, surfacing on social media, touches upon significant insights, including talks about removing Babar Azam as captain and appointing Shaheen Afridi as the T20I captain.

Throughout the audio, a voice resembling Ashraf engages in conversation primarily with the woman, delving into discussions about the influence of friendships and player agents within the team. They mention instances where personal connections might have influenced team selections, raising concerns about the team’s performance.

The conversation highlights discussions about an agent named Talha, allegedly wielding significant control over eight national team players, fostering close relationships by visiting their homes. Ashraf suggests instances where players sought advice from this agent regarding crucial decisions, indicating potential external influences on the team’s dynamics.

Furthermore, the conversation touches on offering Babar Azam the Test captaincy while contemplating his removal from white-ball captaincy. Allegedly, Babar consulted Talha before making a decision, a factor that Ashraf claims influenced Babar’s choices.

Amidst this, Ashraf implies having a backup plan prepared. When Babar reportedly confirmed stepping down from all formats, Ashraf swiftly appointed another individual, later revealed to be Shaheen Afridi, as the new captain.

There are discussions regarding Mohammad Rizwan’s candidacy, countered by claims of his involvement with Babar and the mentioned agent.

The conversation hints at the perceived interference of influential figures within the team, suggesting connections between Shaheen Afridi and his father-in-law, Shahid Afridi, in team matters. Overall, the leaked dialogue raises questions about external influences impacting team decisions and dynamics.



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