Pakistan, India or England, Australia Grouped Together in 2024 T20 World Cup Group

Pakistan, India or England, Australia Grouped Together in 2024 T20 World Cup Group

In the upcoming 2024 T20 World Cup Group stage, Pakistan and India are set to share the same group, bringing forth an anticipated clash.


The tournament, from June 4-30 in the West Indies and the USA, will see England and Australia facing off in another high-stakes group, likely hosted in Barbados.

Official draws have not played a role in these decisions. Instead, the groups have been shaped by various considerations, with the India-Pakistan encounter holding the utmost significance. The aim has been to maintain equilibrium among the groups, as highlighted in the report.

The crucial factor was the confirmation of the India-Pakistan match in the US, prompting the necessity to organize other top-notch clashes within the tournament’s West Indies leg.

According to Jamaican media reports, the prestigious tournament final will grace Barbados’ Kensington Oval. The matches are set to unfold across various locations including Barbados, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, Trinidad, Florida, New York, and Texas.

Considering England and Australia’s recent triumphs in the T20 World Cup, holding the second and fifth positions in the ICC Men’s T20I Team Rankings, it’s probable they’ll find themselves in comparatively easier groups. Similarly, top-ranked India and fourth-ranked Pakistan may also see a favorable group arrangement.

The remaining high-ranking teams, namely New Zealand (third), South Africa (sixth), West Indies (seventh), and Sri Lanka (eighth), are likely to be the powerhouses in the other 2024 T20 World Cup Group.

This leaves a cluster of teams—Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Namibia, Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, the United States, Papua New Guinea, Canada, Nepal, Oman, and Uganda—to be allocated positions.

The tournament is slated to run from June 4 to 30, promising an exciting month of cricketing showdowns across these diverse venues.

Remembering their showdown in the 2010 T20 World Cup final, England and Australia will potentially meet again in this thrilling tournament. The historic win for England occurred in the same venue where this upcoming clash might take place.

For years, ICC events have deliberately grouped India and Pakistan together, guaranteeing the spectacle of their match. Now, the plan to have them play in the United States aims to captivate the South Asian diaspora’s interest. The scheduled venue for the India-Pakistan match is New York’s Eisenhower Park, a stone’s throw from Manhattan.

Unlike other major sports, cricket doesn’t broadcast a live draw. Instead, groupings are crafted considering various factors, focusing on the India-Pakistan fixture. Once this match in the US was confirmed, efforts were made to organize other prestigious matches in the West Indies.

England, the defending champions, will exclusively play their matches in the West Indies throughout both the group and Super Eight stages. However, 10 of the 20 competing nations will see action in the United States, marking the tournament’s first matches.

Barbados remains a favored destination for England’s enthusiastic supporters, with additional matches scheduled in Antigua and St Lucia alongside their Barbadian fixtures.

The tournament structure comprises 20 nations divided into four groups of five each. The top two teams from each group advance to the Super Eight stage, consisting of two groups of four.

From there, the top two teams in each Super Eight group move on to the semi-finals. The specific match schedule will be finalized later this week.

In the US, three venues have been confirmed: Grand Prairie in Dallas, Broward County in Florida, and Nassau County in New York, featuring Eisenhower Park.

The West Indies will host matches across six countries:

  1. Antigua & Barbuda
  2. Barbados
  3. Guyana
  4. Saint Lucia
  5. St. Vincent & the Grenadines
  6. Trinidad & Tobago.

During the Super Eight stage, team pairings will be based on pre-tournament seedings rather than their initial stage performance.

This method aims to allow fans to plan their travels ahead, ensuring their teams’ matches remain within the same country, regardless of their initial group stage standings.



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