Ramiz Raja Cricket Icon Joins PSL Commentary, But with a Twist

Ramiz Raja, former Pakistan captain, resumes commentary duties after a two-year absence

Ramiz Raja Cricket Icon Joins PSL Commentary, But with a Twist

Legend Cricket Ramiz Raja is joining the commentary booth for the Pakistan Super League 9, but hold your horses – he won’t be there for the entire tournament.


While initially announced as part of the commentary panel, Raja revealed he had prior commitments with the Bangladesh Premier League, meaning he’ll miss the earlier PSL matches. Don’t fret though, he’ll be joining the fun later in the season for matches in Rawalpindi and Karachi, bringing his insights and lively commentary to the stage.

Cricket fans, get ready for an exciting commentary team! Joining Raja are international stars like the insightful Ian Bishop, the energetic Danny Morrison, and the legendary voices of Simon Doull, Pommie Mbangwa, Mark Butcher, Dominic Cork, and Mike Haysman. Buckle up for thrilling calls and in-depth analysis!

Alongside Raja, Pakistani cricket greats like Waqar Younis, Bazid Khan, and Aamir Sohail will share their expertise. Female commentators Urooj Mumtaz, Sana Mir, and Marina Iqbal add their unique perspectives, while Tariq Saeed and Ali Younis bring excitement to Urdu. Erin Holland and Zainab Abbas complete the team as presenters.

Get ready for cricket fever in Karachi, Lahore, Multan, and Rawalpindi! The tournament kicks off with 14 matches in Multan and Lahore from February 17th to 27th. Then, the action shifts to Rawalpindi and Karachi for another 16 matches from February 28th to March 12th. Finally, Karachi takes center stage for the playoffs, culminating in the grand finale on March 18th at the National Bank Stadium.

So, while Legend Cricket Ramiz Raja presence won’t be constant, the PSL 9 promises a thrilling cricketing experience with a stellar commentary team and exciting matches across four cities. Don’t miss out!



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