Sahibzada Farhan Looks Ahead to NZ T20Is, Embraces Wisdom from Iftikhar Ahmed

Sahibzada Farhan Looks Ahead to NZ T20Is, Embraces Wisdom from Iftikhar Ahmed

Sahibzada Farhan, a top-order batter, believes he’s grown a lot since starting in international cricket. He debuted in 2018, played only three T20Is, then got sidelined after scoring 40 runs.


But now, after shining in domestic cricket for three seasons, he’s back in the national squad for Pakistan’s T20I series against New Zealand.

In an interview, Farhan expressed his eagerness to give his best for the team. He mentioned feeling more prepared now than during his debut.

He credited his maturity to grinding in domestic cricket for four years, saying he’s gained valuable experience to handle the pressure of international cricket.

Farhan stood out in the National T20 Cup, scoring 492 runs. He aims to replicate this success against New Zealand, drawing inspiration from advice given by his friend Iftikhar Ahmed.

Ahmed emphasized that getting selected for Pakistan isn’t as tough as retaining your spot, a challenge Farhan is ready to take on.

Discussing the social media buzz comparing him with Ahmed Shahzad during the national T20 Cup, Farhan clarified that they share a good relationship. He expressed admiration for Shahzad’s performance and saw it as healthy competition in the same batting slot.

Acknowledging the tough competition in the top order, Farhan remains flexible to play any position as needed by the team. He highlighted his experience batting in various positions and stressed the importance of grabbing every opportunity to perform and secure his place in the team.

Farhan concluded by emphasizing the need to excel even in limited opportunities, aiming to prove himself and secure a lasting spot in the team amidst the intense competition.



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