South Africa U19 Captain Ousted Over Controversial Pro-Israel Remark

South Africa U19 Captain Ousted Over Controversial Pro-Israel Remark

South Africa U19 Captain, David Teeger, has been removed just a week ahead of the home World Cup set to begin on January 19, following his expressions of support for Israel.


Cricket South Africa (CSA) announced his dismissal on Friday, expressing concern about potential protests during the tournament.

Despite the removal from captaincy, Teeger will continue as a player. He had dedicated an award to Jewish soldiers in October, calling them the “true rising stars” amid Israel’s conflict in Gaza.

CSA, in a statement, acknowledged the anticipated protests related to the war in Gaza during the World Cup. Security updates indicated potential conflicts or violence, especially focusing on Teeger’s position as the SA U19 captain.

Considering the safety of participants and spectators, CSA decided to relieve Teeger of the captaincy, prioritizing the overall well-being of players and the team.

Originally, Sri Lanka was supposed to host the U19 men’s World Cup, but South Africa took over due to government interference issues in Sri Lanka’s sports administration. Teeger, honored as the Rising Star at the ABSA Jewish Achiever Awards, dedicated the award to Israel’s young soldiers during his acceptance speech.

The decision comes in light of previous protests, with pro-Palestine demonstrators questioning Teeger’s selection outside Newlands in Cape Town before the New Year’s Test between South Africa and India. The move aims to mitigate potential conflicts and maintain a safe environment during the U19 World Cup.



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