Sri Lanka Cricket Board Faces ICC Suspension Over Obligations Breach

Sri Lanka Cricket Board Faces ICC Suspension Over Obligations Breach

The ICC Board took swift action on Friday by immediately suspending the membership of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board.


The decision came after a meeting where the board found serious breaches of obligations by Sri Lanka Cricket.

According to the statement, the breach primarily involves the failure to autonomously manage affairs and prevent government interference in the governance of cricket in Sri Lanka. The specific conditions of the suspension will be determined by the ICC Board shortly.

The recent turmoil began when the Sri Lankan cricket board was abruptly dismissed by the sports minister following a disappointing performance in the ICC World Cup 2023.

However, the country’s Court of Appeal intervened, overturning the minister’s decision and reinstating the expelled officials temporarily.

This restoration is effective for two weeks until the court reevaluates the case. During this time, board president Shammi Silva is expected to resume duties, having secured an order preventing the interim committee, led by former skipper Arjuna Ranatunga, from continuing in office.

Simultaneously, the government has formed a cabinet committee to address the “outstanding issues” within the board. The minister’s decision to dismiss the board came in the aftermath of India’s dominating victory over Sri Lanka, winning by a margin of 302 runs, with the losing side managing only 55 runs in 19.4 overs.

Minister Ranasinghe, engaged in a long-standing dispute with Sri Lanka Cricket over allegations of corruption, took drastic action. Ranatunga, the 1996 World Cup-winning skipper, who assumed control on Monday, expressed his commitment to cleaning up the board and rejuvenating the national team.

On Monday, Ranatunga stated, “Sri Lanka Cricket Board had become known as the most corrupt institution in the country. I want to change that image.”

The challenges faced by the cricket board, both on and off the field, underscore the urgent need for resolution and reform.



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