Usman Khawaja Request for Peace Sign on Bat, Shoes Declined by ICC

Usman Khawaja Request for Peace Sign on Bat, Shoes Declined by ICC

The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Sunday refused to permit Australian batsman Usman Khawaja to wear a peace sign on his shoes and bat during the Boxing Day match against Pakistan.


During a practice session before Australia’s second Test match against Pakistan, which is scheduled to take place in Melbourne on Tuesday, December 26, Usman Khawaja was spotted wearing a sticker on his bat and shoes that featured a black dove and the words 01:UDHR, which is a reference to Article One of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

According to reports from the Australian media, the sportsman has met with Cricket Australia many times to choose a suitable message for the second Test match.
However, the ICC rejected his most recent humanitarian effort, according to reports in The Australian and Melbourne Age newspapers. There was no quick response from the ICC.
During the first Test in Perth, Khawaja, a Muslim, was prevented from donning shoes bearing the handwritten phrases “All lives are equal” and “Freedom is a human right”.
In light of the current Israeli onslaught, the 36-year-old had wished to express his solidarity with the people of Gaza. However, he was informed that their messages about politics, religion, or race violated ICC regulations. He was chastised by the ICC for wearing a black armband during the match, although he later claimed it was due to a “personal bereavement” and promised to challenge the decision.
Speaking on how the Israel-Hamas war had affected him, Khawaja expressed his grief at the number of youngsters who had died on Friday.
“When I’m looking at my Instagram and seeing innocent kids, videos of them dying, passing away, that’s what hit me the hardest,” he explained.
“I don’t have any agendas other than trying to shine a light on what I feel passionate about.”


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