Abdul Razzaq World Cup 2023 Semifinal Predictions: Who’s In, Who’s Out?

Abdul Razzaq World Cup 2023 Semifinal Predictions: Who's In, Who's Out?

Abdul Razzaq, the ex-Pakistani cricket sensation, has picked his four semifinalists and provided guidance to Shaheen Shah Afridi.


Razzaq advised Shaheen to introduce variations in his bowling when dealing with the older cricket ball.

During a recent interview on a local news channel, Razzaq placed a significant emphasis on the value of patience, especially when it comes to bowling with an older cricket ball. He highlighted the crucial need for comprehending the ever-changing dynamics of a match and adapting one’s bowling strategy accordingly.

“Cricket is a game that demands you to respond to the match’s context. There are times when you strive for wickets and other times when the priority is to restrict the flow of runs. It can be problematic if you mix up these approaches,” Abdul Razzaq explained.

Moreover, Razzaq offered Shaheen advice on incorporating variations into his bowling, especially when dealing with the older cricket ball. He highlighted the importance of patience and waiting for the batsman to make a mistake rather than constantly aiming for wickets.

“Shaheen tends to expect the same level of assistance from the old ball as he does from the new ball, but that’s not the reality. It’s essential for him to introduce different deliveries while bowling with the older ball. Patience is key because there will be instances when wickets are hard to come by, and you’ll need to rely on the batsman’s mistakes. If you’re always seeking wickets, you’ll find success only rarely, perhaps just twice in a hundred attempts,” he further emphasized.

Razzaq also included his prediction that Pakistan, England, New Zealand, and India would secure spots in the semi-finals of the major tournament.

Among these four teams, India holds the top spot, Pakistan is in the second position, England is ranked fifth, and last, New Zealand occupies the sixth position.

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The World Cup has commenced, and in the opening match, New Zealand defeated England by 9 wickets.

Pakistan will be facing the Netherlands on October 6th at 1:30 PM (Pakistan Standard Time).




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