Indian police stops fans from ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ during Pak vs Aus

Indian police stops fans from 'Pakistan Zindabad' during Pak vs Aus

During Pakistan’s World Cup match against Australia at the M.Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru, Indian police intervened when fans in the crowd began chanting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’.


The incident, which was recorded on video by influencer Momin Saqib, depicted law enforcement stepping in to put a stop to the chanting.

Saqib expressed his disappointment, noting that it is both surprising and disheartening to observe individuals being restrained from expressing their support for Pakistan during a sporting event.

“It’s astonishing and disheartening to witness people being prevented from cheering ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ at the game. This completely contradicts the spirit of sports,” Saqib remarked.

Momin Saqib expressed his concern by saying,

“It’s shocking and disheartening to witness people being prevented from chanting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ at the game. This completely goes against the essence of sports.”

Additional information reveals that B Dayanand, the City Police Commissioner, issued specific instructions to his officers due to recent Pro-Palestine marches in the city.

“It’s a directive from higher authorities that fans should not engage in provocative actions. Therefore, we are adhering to it”

explained the police officer who prevented the fan from chanting “Pakistan Zindabad.”

According to further details, the stadium’s police personnel implemented stringent control measures to maintain order and prevent disruptions during the match between Pakistan and Australia.

“We were tasked with inspecting fans’ placards and banners as they entered the stadium to prevent any untoward incidents,” mentioned an official responsible for stadium security, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

Moreover, the police also advised fans not to wear or use black clothing as a form of protest. However, they did not prohibit anyone from wearing clothes of that specific color while entering the stands.



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