Mohammad Shami Opens Up About Opting Out of ‘Sajda’ Ritual at World Cup

Mohammad Shami Opens Up About Opting Out of 'Sajda' Ritual at World Cup

Mohammad Shami, the Indian fast bowler, faced online criticism previously when India lost to Pakistan in the T20 World Cup 2021. Despite that, he regained respect by becoming the top wicket-taker in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, claiming 24 wickets in seven matches.


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However, a new controversy emerged when during a match against Sri Lanka in Mumbai, Shami seemed to start a “sajda” but stopped midway, opting not to fully prostrate. This incident sparked discussions on social media.

Addressing this issue, Mohammad Shami spoke to journalist Vikrant Gupta, emphasizing his pride as an Indian Muslim. He stated firmly that nobody could have prevented him from performing a sajda if he had chosen to. He defended his action, questioning why it was wrong for him to bow down reverently on the field.

Expressing his sentiments clearly, Shami remarked that if he needed permission to perform a sajda, he questioned why he should live in such a country. He also referenced the scrutiny faced by Pakistani player Mohammad Rizwan, who was criticized for praying on the field during World Cup matches.

Overall, Shami’s stance emphasizes his pride in his identity while highlighting the unnecessary controversy surrounding a personal religious gesture on the cricket field.



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