Pakistan Cricket Team: Player to be Fined 500 Dollars for Sleeping in Dressing Room

Pakistan Cricket Team: Player to be Fined 500 Dollars for Sleeping in Dressing Room

The Pakistan Cricket Team management, led by National team director Mohammad Hafeez, has imposed stricter guidelines for players during their current tour in Australia.


Hafeez, known for his precision, has introduced new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that take a tough stance on player inactivity. Players caught sleeping in the dressing room now face a $500 fine, a stark contrast to previous leniencies observed by some players not in the playing XI.

Under the new rules, players have been instructed to reserve their sleep for the hotel, rather than dozing off in the stadium dressing rooms, aiming to instill a more professional and focused approach. However, these regulations have sparked mixed reactions among the players.

While the intention behind the rules is to encourage professionalism, reports suggest that some players view these measures as too stringent, reminiscent of regulations for the Under-16 team. Informal talks among players reveal discontent, citing concerns about trust and personal space.

Hafeez, referred to as “Professor” for his discipline-driven mindset, defends the SOPs, highlighting their significance for maintaining high standards during this critical tour. He emphasized the importance of players avoiding any appearance of lethargy or disengagement, particularly in public areas.

This move has stirred a debate within the cricketing community. Supporters of Hafeez’s firm approach argue that heightened professionalism is crucial for achieving success.

Conversely, there are concerns about the potential impact on player morale and freedom, raising questions about the balance between discipline and player well-being.



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