pakistan semifinal: How Pakistan can qualify for Semi-Finals?

How Pakistan can qualify for Semi-Finals?

Pakistan has played six matches in the tournament and won only two of them, accumulating four points on the table. So, pakistan semifinal chances are very low. In this article, we tell you all the possible scenarios for the pakistan semifinal qualifying.


They have upcoming matches against Bangladesh, New Zealand, and England. To have a chance at advancing, they not only need to win these three remaining matches but also do so convincingly, and then hope for favorable results in other games.

For Pakistan’s semifinal qualification

Match No

Match Between

Team wins

ODI NO 27 New Zealand vs Australia New Zealand wins
ODI NO 28 Bangladesh vs Netherlands Bangladesh wins
ODI NO 29 India vs England India wins
ODI NO 30 Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan Sri Lanka wins
ODI NO 31 Pakistan vs Bangladesh Pakistan wins
ODI NO 32 New Zealand vs South Africa New Zealand wins
ODI NO 33 India vs Sri Lanka India wins
ODI NO 34 Afghanistan vs Netherlands Afghanistan wins
ODI NO 35 Pakistan vs New Zealand Pakistan wins
ODI NO 36 England vs Australia England wins
ODI NO 37 India vs South Africa India wins
ODI NO 38 Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh Sri Lanka wins
ODI NO 39 Australia vs Afghanistan Australia wins
ODI NO 40 England vs Netherlands England wins
ODI NO 41 New Zealand vs Sri Lanka New Zealand wins
ODI NO 42 South Africa vs Afghanistan South Africa wins
ODI NO 43 Bangladesh vs Australia Bangladesh wins
ODI NO 44 Pakistan vs England Pakistan wins
ODI NO 45 India vs Netherlands India wins

The most straightforward path for Pakistan at this point would be to see Australia losing three of their four remaining games, although this seems unlikely given that two of the games are against weaker opponents like Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Pakistan would benefit from more upsets in the tournament.

Additionally, Pakistan would prefer New Zealand to win three of their remaining matches while losing one against Pakistan. If Australia avoids an upset against Bangladesh or Afghanistan but loses to New Zealand, then Net Run Rate (NRR) could come into play.

For Pakistan to qualify, the following results could be helpful:

– If all the results align with the above-stated “wish,” then India will finish with 18 points, New Zealand with 14, South Africa with 12, and Pakistan with 10 points, placing them ahead of Australia and Sri Lanka, each with 8 points. If Australia wins against Bangladesh in match 43, which is highly likely, then Pakistan and Australia will tie with 10 points each.

The specific scenarios for Pakistan’s qualification will become clearer by the next mid-week, and the outlook for Pakistan will keep evolving based on the results in the upcoming games.



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