PCB Chairman Election Guidelines Issued by Caretaker Government

PCB Chairman Election Guidelines Issued by Caretaker Government

The Caretaker Federal Minister, Murtaza Solangi, shared details with the Senate about the government’s directions for the PCB chairman elections.


During a Senate session, responding to Senator Mushtaq Ahmad’s query, Solangi clarified that the previous government had appointed the current PCB head, not the caretaker government.

Solangi highlighted that Zaka Ashraf, leading the board’s management committee, has past experience in this role.

He also mentioned that the current government has limited Ashraf’s authority, preventing him from making significant decisions independently as per the government’s guidelines. Currently, the PCB doesn’t have a chairman, with Ashraf overseeing all work as the head of the PCB Management Committee.

In November, the caretaker federal government approved a three-month extension for Ashraf’s tenure as the chairman of the PCB Management Committee. This extension, authorized under specific rules, allows the Management Committee to focus on finalizing the board of governance and conducting the election of the PCB chairman promptly.

The government’s notification outlined that the Management Committee’s role is restricted to handling day-to-day PCB operations and cannot make significant policy decisions or high-level appointments. Additionally, the extension for the Management Committee’s tenure won’t go beyond three months.

It’s important to note that Ashraf took over as PCB’s chief in July, replacing Najam Sethi.



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