Quetta Gladiators Owner Nadeem’s, Offers Exciting Idea for PSL

Quetta Gladiators Owner Nadeem's, Offers Exciting Idea for PSL

Quetta Gladiators Owner Nadeem Omar suggests that the Pakistan Super League (PSL) needs a separate board to manage its affairs efficiently. He believes that the working style of the PSL should be distinct from other cricket setups. Omar expressed his views during an interview with Geo News in Karachi.


According to Omar, the Pakistan Super League should operate independently with its own chairman overseeing its operations. He emphasized the need for a unique approach to managing the league. Omar pointed out that currently, there has been a lack of activity for almost eleven months after the sale of broadcasting rights, which is not conducive to the league’s growth.

Quetta Gladiators Owner Omar highlighted the need for long-term planning and continuity in policies for the betterment of Pakistan cricket. He emphasized the importance of having a clear roadmap for the PSL’s future development. Omar suggested that hosting T20 matches in cities like Quetta during the summer could help generate excitement and engage sponsors for longer durations.

Regarding the PCB Board of Governors, Omar proposed that big cities like Lahore and Karachi should have representation, even if it’s not their turn in the rotation policy. He stressed the significance of their input in crucial decisions, such as selecting the PCB chairman and determining the league’s regulations.

In conclusion, Omar emphasized the importance of establishing a separate governing body for the PSL and ensuring fair representation for major cities like Lahore and Karachi in cricket administration. He believes that such measures will contribute to the continued success and growth of Pakistan cricket.



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