Sindh police arrests officers involved in Shoaib Maqsood bribery allegation case

Sindh police arrests officers involved in Shoaib Maqsood bribery allegation case

On Monday night, Shoaib Maqsood shared on X (formerly Twitter) that while traveling from Karachi to Multan by road, he encountered an incident involving Sindh Police officials extorting money from him.


In his social media post, Shoaib Maqsood criticized the provincial police, calling them “so corrupt” and expressing gratitude for living in Punjab. Following this, the Sindh Police confirmed the involvement of four officers from Sakrand in the incident and assured legal action, stating that they’ve filed a First Information Report (FIR).

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Additionally, the station head officer (SHO) and chief clerk were suspended due to negligence, as per the police press statement.

Maqsood detailed the situation, mentioning that despite informing the officers about being international cricketers returning from a Karachi match to Multan, the police still extorted Rs8,000 from them and threatened to take them to the police station if they refused payment.

Responding to the situation, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) in Sindh directed DIG Shaheed Benazirabad to swiftly investigate and submit a report on the matter.

During an interview with a private TV channel, Maqsood narrated that while traveling with another cricketer, they were stopped by two policemen, who initially demanded vehicle documents. The officers then threatened a Rs100,000 penalty for using high-beam lights, a claim Maqsood rebutted by stating the jurisdiction of traffic police.

Ultimately, fearing being taken to the police station, Maqsood stated that after negotiation, they paid Rs8,000 to the officers, highlighting the distressing experience due to the isolated location and nighttime.



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