Taylor Swift Concert 2024 Causes Travel Issue for Western Australia Players to Sydney

Taylor Swift Concert 2024 Causes Travel Issue for Western Australia Players to Sydney

Taylor Swift concert 2024 in Sydney caused quite a commotion for Western Australia’s cricket players, who found themselves split across multiple indirect flights from Perth to Sydney.


This came about because all the direct flights were snapped up by eager Taylor Swift fans flocking to the city for her Eras Tour.

Andrew Tye, a member of the Western Australia team, humorously suggested that it would have been convenient if Taylor had sent her private jet to transport the team from Perth to Sydney.

Divided into groups, some players had to take stopovers in Canberra while others made their way through Melbourne to reach their destination.

Tye remarked, “It would have been nice if Taylor Swift had sent a private jet for us, considering she’s caused us to lose our direct flight, but that’s alright.”

The influx of Taylor Swift’s loyal fans, known as Swifties, into Sydney over the weekend due to her sold-out concerts created travel chaos, particularly involving Western Australia’s preparations for the Marsh Cup final against New South Wales.

With flights fully booked by passionate Swifties, the Western Australia squad faced difficulties in their journey to Sydney for the important match planned on Sunday, February 25.

Taylor Swift’s tour in Australia started with performances at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on February 16, 17, and 18.

The remaining shows in Sydney were scheduled for February 25 and 26, following her performances on February 23 and 24.



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