Usman Khawaja Appeal Over Armband Sanction Rejected by ICC: Report

Usman Khawaja’s Appeal Over Armband Sanction Rejected by ICC: Report

Usman Khawaja request to the ICC about the black armband he wore in the Perth Test against Pakistan hasn’t been accepted, says a report from Fox Cricket. This means Khawaja’s penalty of a reprimand stays in place.


During his innings, the Australian opener wore the black armband to honor kids who lost their lives in Gaza due to Israel’s attacks.

The ICC charged Khawaja for breaking the Clause of the Clothing and Equipment Regulations. According to them, he didn’t get approval from Cricket Australia or the ICC before displaying the personal message on the armband, as the regulations ask for.

This kind of breach falls under the category of “other breach,” and for a first-time offense, the punishment is a reprimand.

Usman Khawaja was planning to wear shoes with messages like “All lives are equal” and “freedom is a human right,” but that got rejected beforehand. He felt the ICC had double standards in their decision-making.

He pointed out that he had clearly explained on day two that the armband was for a personal loss. He respected the ICC’s rules but felt confused as others in the past had done similar things without getting reprimanded.

Khawaja is allowed by Cricket Australia to wear an image of a dove with an olive branch if he plays in the BBL this season.



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