Usman Khawaja Wears Black Armband in Pak vs Aus Test

Usman Khawaja Wears Black Armband in Pak vs Aus Test

Australian opener Usman Khawaja wore a black armband during the first day of the Test against Pakistan in Perth.


He aimed to display messages supporting human rights on his shoes, but Cricket Australia and the International Cricket Council (ICC) barred him from doing so.

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Khawaja planned to wear boots bearing the slogans “Freedom is a human right” and “All lives are equal.”

However, the ICC’s regulations prevented him from sporting these messages.

Violating this rule could lead to sanctions, including fines or being prohibited from playing.

Usman Khawaja expressed his intention to challenge the ICC‘s decision.

He highlighted previous instances where players had similar displays without facing consequences. Despite his stance, he acknowledged the potential distractions this issue might cause during the game.

However, Australia’s captain, Pat Cummins, confirmed on Wednesday that during the first Test against Pakistan in Perth starting tomorrow, opener Usman Khawaja won’t wear shoes bearing slogans in support of Palestinians amid the Gaza-Israel conflict.

Khawaja could face ICC sanctions, such as being banned from playing, getting a first-offence reprimand, or a 75% match-fee fine for wearing these shoes.

He voiced disappointment over the controversy, stating that supporting human rights and equality shouldn’t be seen as political.

Despite potential disagreements, Khawaja reaffirmed his commitment to standing up for his beliefs, even if they are unpopular.




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