Former captain Javed Miandad Opens Up About Recent Changes in PCB

Javed Miandad Opens Up About Recent Changes in PCB Leadership

Former captain Javed Miandad has expressed concern over the frequent changes in the management of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).


Zaka Ashraf stepped down as the PCB chairman, announcing his decision after the fourth committee meeting at the National Cricket Academy in Lahore.

In a recent interview, Miandad shared his disappointment about the regular appointments and alterations within the PCB, emphasizing the negative impact on the stability of the country’s cricket structure. He pointed out that such constant changes not only disrupt the continuity of the cricketing framework but also affect players’ confidence.

According to Former captain Javed Miandad, the ongoing trend of frequent leadership changes has contributed to the team’s poor performance over the past year. He criticized the decision-making process, stating that individuals lacking cricket knowledge make decisions that impact the entire cricket structure in the country.

It’s noteworthy that Shah Khawar, the Pakistan Cricket Board’s Election Commissioner, has been appointed as the interim PCB chief.

Khawar will oversee the PCB elections, with Mohsin Naqvi set to contest for the chairman position. If elected, Naqvi is expected to serve as the new chairman for a three-year term. The elections are anticipated to occur within a month.



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