PCB announces venues for Asia Cup in Pakistan

The Asia Cup official schedule is to be within the next few days

PCB announces venues for Asia Cup in Pakistan

The Asia Cup Pakistan is going to be organized in Lahore Gaddafi Stadium and Multan Stadium. Because of International efforts Pakistan will host a total of 4 games of the Asia Cup. The venues for the game are still in consideration.


Lahore, which will serve as Pakistan’s major venue, will give Multan a portion of the revenue. We are currently negotiating for a fifth match despite our best efforts. It is now rather difficult to implement the decision because it was by the former PCB administration, a board source said.

It has that the Asia Cup’s official schedule upcoming days. The remaining matches of the Asia Cup will be in Sri Lanka, and in yet another step, ticket purchases for fans will only be in US dollars.

We are also working to develop a rule that would mandate that fans purchase their tickets in US dollars in Sri Lanka. The Asia Cup, where Pakistan faces India at least twice, draws a sizable audience from the subcontinent and others. It would be the third time that both clubs faced each other if both bitter rivals made it to the final. For these matches, a sizable contingent of Indian and Pakistani supporters, the man stated.

The PCB official also expressed happiness with the ICC income adjustment, in which Pakistan would receive the highest part ever and the fourth-highest portion overall, after Australia, India, and England.

By its constitutional prerogative, PCB has repeatedly asked for more details at ICC meetings over the last several weeks to better understand the justification for assigning weights to each criterion and calculating the distributions. The PCB believed that in a hurry the lack of all pertinent facts, data, and formulas. Therefore, the PCB suggested that this matter be until the following ICC meeting.

The PCB registered its objection as a matter of principle, but ultimately the majority of members did not think it was possible to delay this item and voted in support of enacting the Model.

This means that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was ranked in the top four countries in terms of the performance of their men’s cricket team in ICC tournaments and bilateral cricket matches. Additionally, the PCB has a large fan base, which contributes to its significant commercial worth. This larger income share will allow for far more investment in improving cricketing abilities. Which will help Pakistan Cricket reach new heights. Our lovely nation and the Pakistani supporters, this was a pleasant development.

Zaka Ashraf, Chair of the PCB’s MC, conducted several productive discussions with other cricket board officials.

A meeting between PCB and ACC officials was held on Saturday to finalize the Asia Cup 2023 itinerary.

The final timetable will probably be throughout this week. Pakistan will be hosting the Asia Cup and is extending an invitation to cricket fans to enjoy their famous hospitality.



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