Ashes 2023 3rd Test : Series Turning Point

Ashes 2023 3rd Test : Series Turning Point

The Ashes 2023 series between England and Australia saw the Ashes rivalry reach previously unheard-of heights. The English team won in an exciting game that was full of amazing swings and turns, winning by a stunning margin of 3 wickets. This blog will recapture the most important moments, and explore important performances, along with how England’s victory affected the entire Ashes series.


Both teams were trying to take the lead in the series, so there was a great deal of hope before the 3rd Test had begun. Australia was full of confidence after winning the first 2 Test matches, while England was out for revenge. The lovely location provided the perfect backdrop for an exciting match that would go down in Ashes history.

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Ashes 3rd Test Day 1 :


England won the toss on day one and chose to let Australia bat first. Australia’s opening duo of David Warner and Usman Khawaja takes the field first. However, the openers failed to stay on the wickets, and Australia’s score was 61-3. Marsh and Head, from the middle order, exhibited excellent collaboration. Marsh and Head put England’s bowlers in a tough spot with their combined totals of 118 and 39 runs, but the English bowling line was able to turn the tide by outscoring every Australian player by 263 runs.

Fall of wickets:

4-1, 42-2, 61-3, 85-4, 240-5, 245-6, 249-7, 249-8, 254-9, 263-10

Marsh: 118 runs                                                             wood: 5 wickets

Head: 39 runs                                                              Chris  Woakes : 3 wickets

Crawley and Duckett open the game for England. However, the Australian bowling line was able to split the opening two. Duckett was forced out after just 2 runs. England got stranded on the stumps with the score at 68-3. On the first day of the third Ashes test, England was down by 195 runs.

Ashes 3rd Test Day 2 :

Early in the day, Australia’s bowling line successfully dismissed the English hitter Although Pat Cummins played a significant part in this,  Ben Stokes managed to take the squad by taking control and scoring an outstanding 80 runs. The total for England was 237 runs. By 26 runs, the Australian Team was in the lead.

Ben Stokes: 80 runs                                             Pat Cummins: 6 wickets

Zak Crawley: 33 runs                                           Mitchell Starc: 2 wickets

Australia leads by 26 runs

At the end of the day, Australia had 116 runs and had lost 4 wickets thanks to Usman Khawaja’s 43-run performance. Despite Moeen Ali taking two wickets, Australia led by 142 runs.

Ashes 3rd Test Day 3:

At the start of Day 3, Australia had a lead of 142 runs. They continued their innings, pushing the English team back, and Travis Head played a superb innings, getting out for 77 runs. Australia was all out for 224, while Stuart Broad and Chris Woakes each took three wickets, handing their rival team a victory margin of 251 runs.

Travis Head: 77 runs                                               Stuart Board: 3 wickets

Usman Khawaja: 43 runs                                       Chris Woakes : 3 wickets

With incredible tenacity, England keeps playing. The innings are started by the same opening combination, who finish it with 27 runs and no losses. The day comes to a conclusion with 224 runs needed to make this historic victory on their side.

Ben Duckett: 18 runs (not out)

Ashes 3rd Test Day 4:

The English squad was striving to turn the tide after losing the first two games when the decision-making day finally arrived. Brook, who starts amid England’s lineup, ends up becoming the team’s spine and scoring well. Chris Woakes makes his team win in the third test of the Ashes by three wickets by playing the final over short.

Harry Brook: 75 runs                                            Mitchell Starc: 5 wickets


The 2023 Ashes series was given new life to England’s victory in the 3rd Test, which made the series 1-2. It gave the team new life and greatly improved their spirits going into the next games. The victory not only showed England’s determination but also revealed weaknesses in Australia’s defense, setting the way for an exciting contest in the next Tests.

The 3rd Test of the Ashes 2023 series will forever be etched in cricketing folklore. England’s remarkable triumph, achieved through their grit, determination, and collective effort, exemplified the essence of this historic rivalry. With the series now delicately poised, anticipation and excitement are at an all-time high as both teams gear up for the upcoming battles, with the ultimate prize of Ashes glory hanging in the balance.





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