Pakistan cricket players express support for palestine

Pakistan cricket players express support for palestine

In line with global solidarity for Palestine, Pakistan cricket players also express their opposition to Israel’s ongoing inhumane attacks on innocent Palestinians.


Pakistan Team’s vice-captain, Shadab Khan, along with other players such as Mohammad Nawaz and Usama Mir, expressed their solidarity with the innocent Palestinians.

The players have conveyed their stance on Twitter (X) by posting the Palestinian flag in their tweets.

Nevertheless, Muhammad Rizwan dedicated his team’s victory over Sri Lanka in the tournament to his “brothers and sisters in Gaza.

Like Pakistan Cricket Players, Numerous sports stars have been using their influential voices on Instagram stories, posts, and tweets to raise awareness about the increasingly dire situation in Palestine and the urgent need for peace in the region.

Moroccan international footballer Hakim Ziyech expressed his solidarity with Palestine on a Saturday, as the Gaza region continued to face ongoing bombings.

The Galatasaray right-winger took to his Instagram account, where he shared stories affirming his support for the Palestinian cause with the well-known slogan:

 “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be Free.”

Former Real Madrid player and Ittihad star Karim Benzema offered his prayers for the families in Gaza who were enduring bombardments.

He expressed, “All our prayers for the inhabitants of Gaza who are once again victims of these unjust bombings, which spare no women or children.”

Last week, retired Muslim German footballer Mesut Ozil, formerly of Arsenal and Real Madrid, used his platform to express solidarity with Palestine during this challenging time. He called for an end to the devastating conflict and shared a “Free Palestine” photo on X.



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