Pat Cummins Corrects Indian Journalist Over ‘Hamas’ Attribution to Rizwan

Pat Cummins Corrects Indian Journalist Over 'Hamas' Attribution to Rizwan

On Thursday, Australia’s captain Pat Cummins corrected an Indian journalist who had mistakenly attributed a statement to Pakistan wicketkeeper Mohammad Rizwan.


The journalist attempted to stir controversy by falsely claiming that Rizwan dedicated Pakistan’s win against Sri Lanka to Hamas. It’s essential to clarify that Rizwan actually dedicated the victory to Palestine, not Hamas.

However, the journalist’s effort to create a controversy was unsuccessful, as Cummins did not provide the response he was seeking. Pat Cummins stated,

“I enjoy seeing sportspeople express their personalities. I don’t have particularly strong opinions either way.”

however, Many Pakistan Cricket Players have shown solidarity with Palestine in different ways.

The tweet shared by Muhammad Rizwan was about

This was for our brothers and sisters in gaza.

Happy to contribute in win Credit to whole team espically Abdhullah Shaifiuqe and Hassan ali to make it easier.

Extremly gratefull to people of Hyderabad for amazing hospitallity and support throughout.

Australia faced defeats in their initial two matches, failing to score above 200 runs. They managed to secure a victory in their latest game against Sri Lanka, elevating them to the seventh position in the standings. Nevertheless, their top-order batsmen have struggled to build substantial innings, despite some encouraging starts.

Pakistan began the tournament with two victories but faced a defeat against India, placing them fourth in the current standings.

Here is the: ICC World Cup Points Table 2023 Update

Cummins also emphasized the significance of the team’s performance in Bengaluru, a venue where the team batting first has averaged 335 runs in the last three ODIs.

“Especially at a venue like Bangalore, I dare say it’s going to be high-scoring, with a smaller field. The pitch here is consistently of excellent quality,”

Cummins stated in his remarks to reporters ahead of Friday’s match.



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