Ramiz Raja Unhappy with Opening Pair Shuffle in Recent NZ Series

Ramiz Raja Unhappy with Opening Pair Shuffle in Recent NZ Series

In the ongoing NZ Series, former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman, Ramiz Raja, strongly criticized the team management’s decision to disrupt the successful opening pair of Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam.


In the NZ Series, kiwis the host secured victory in the T20 series with two games to spare, propelled by a remarkable 137 off 62 balls by opener Finn Allen at the University Oval in Dunedin.

The Black Caps, batting first in the third game of the five-match series, clinched a 45-run win, posting a formidable 224 for seven and limiting Pakistan to 179 for seven.

Raja, expressing his concerns on his YouTube channel, questioned the logic behind breaking a renowned opening pair. He emphasized the significance of continuity and consistent effort in building a strong partnership.

Raja highlighted the pressure created to split the Babar and Rizwan opening duo, emphasizing that international cricket is different from leagues, presenting unique challenges and immense pressure.

Breaking a globally recognized opening pair, he argued, could only be justified if there were trained openers gradually being introduced as alternatives. Forming a successful opening pair, he stressed, takes time, and breaking an established partnership brings into question the benefits gained.

Addressing accusations of bias towards Babar, Raja defended his support for any captain, stating that his backing extends to every captain due to their comprehensive role, not just on the field during matches but also in off-field responsibilities. He concluded by underlining the multifaceted nature of leadership in cricket.



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