Lahore Qalandars Hit Out at PCB for Publicly Shaming Haris Rauf

Lahore Qalandars Hit Out at PCB for Publicly Shaming Haris Rauf

Lahore Qalandars pacer Haris Rauf incurred penalties from the Pakistan Cricket Board after an inquiry into his decision to decline to join Pakistan’s Test squad for the 2023-24 tour of Australia.


His central contract was abruptly terminated just 48 hours before the kickoff of the ninth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

The timing of the contract termination sparked criticism, with Lahore Qalandars owner Sameen Rana expressing discontent, labeling the timing as unnecessary.

“The timing of that announcement was entirely uncalled for. There were no imminent Pakistan series or emergency situations warranting such an announcement just two days before the PSL. Whatever the rationale behind it, the timing was highly inappropriate. It dealt a significant blow to him psychologically, given that his primary aspiration is to represent Pakistan,” Rana conveyed to ESPNCricinfo.

Rauf is our leading bowler, the highest wicket-taker after Shaheen Afridi. To publicly shame him and release a press statement about the termination of his central contract, I’ve never witnessed such an occurrence elsewhere,” he remarked.

Rana highlighted the absence of communication, asserting that the termination process lacked professionalism and contradicted standard employee treatment.

“I wouldn’t treat my employees in such a manner. At the very least, the employee deserves a call, email, or message. None of this occurred with Rauf, and it was disappointing. It demonstrated extremely poor management,” Rana remarked.

Furthermore, Rauf faced an additional restriction, as he was barred from participating in any overseas T20 league until June 30, 2024.



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