PCB News: PCB to Works Directly under PM Office

PCB News: PCB to Works Directly under PM Office

According to the latest PCB News Pakistan Cricket is set to undergo a significant change in its operational structure. Instead of going through the Ministry for Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC), the PCB will soon report directly to the Prime Minister’s Office.


Sources reveal that a proposal to this effect has been finalized and awaits approval from the relevant authorities. Once approved, the PCB will no longer be accountable to the ministry, with all dealings directly handled by the Prime Minister’s Office.

Since the ratification of the PCB Constitution in 2014, the ministry has served as the intermediary between the Prime Minister, who acts as the board’s patron, and the PCB. Any attempt at direct communication has been deemed unconstitutional. Former secretaries have made it clear to PCB officials that direct contact with the PM Office would violate constitutional principles.

To ensure the ministry remains informed about PCB affairs, the Secretary Ministry of IPC has been included on the PCB Board of Governors.

However, there has been a push from former board members to eliminate the ministry’s involvement altogether. They argue that the ministry should not serve as a liaison between the PCB and PM Offices.

A recent development sees a proposal prepared under the direction of competent authorities, aiming to remove the ministry as the intermediary between the PCB patron and the Prime Minister.

The implications of this change remain unclear, particularly concerning accountability to the National Assembly/Senate or Standing Committees.

Possibly, the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) may be tasked with liaising between the PCB and parliamentary bodies. Alternatively, the PCB may be required to engage directly with the Parliament and Standing Committees for information or clarifications on its operations.



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