PSL 9 Franchises Banking on Broadcasting Rights for Financial Boost

PSL 9 Franchises Banking on Broadcasting Rights for Financial Boost

The PSL 9 Franchises is looking for money after they sell their broadcasting rights, which will provide them financial support. The money they will receive from the TV channels and those who want to broadcast PSL will allow them to be stable financially.


The bidding for the PSL 9 broadcasting rights is ready to start on Tuesday. For this event, they are thinking of setting a reserve amount of around 6 to 7 billion pkr for 2 years.

A Sports Secures PSL Broadcasting Rights for Rs. 6.3 Billion

Only companies that have sports channels and any other kind of channel related to this category are allowed to participate in the bidding. However, 4 channels are in the race to buy broadcasting rights.

The company that bids the highest amount will get the broadcasting rights. If the set price isn’t met the PCB will check it again or delay the bidding ceremony. In recent years, the rights were sealed at around 2 billion then it jumped to 3.7 billion, and now it’s around 4.3 billion for 2 years. An International Company known as ‘Colganbauer’ set the media rights around 6 billion rupees.

From inside reports, the rights price can go up from 6.5 billion rupees, crossing the previous deal. From a total of 100%, it’s estimated that 95% will go to PSL 9 Franchises. There may come some situations regarding revenue losses due to restrictions on unwanted advertising. Franchises are looking forward to broadcasting rights in a way that has good revenue so the loss can easily be covered.

As we know, the dollar is increasing day by day, so the gain amount in PKR is not important. Franchises pay in dollars to players and productions.

Furthermore, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has not linked PSL International rights with another cricket format. So, this may reduce the higher earnings expected. The management committee or team is waiting for the government approvals and permission to sell PSL Broadcasting rights.



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